Review: <i>All Over</i> by Roy Kesey

Today, in January Magazine’s fiction section, contributing editor David Abrams reviews All Over by Roy Kesey, the first entry from Steve Gillis and Dan Wickett’s brand new Dzanc Books. Says Abrams:

In these 19 stories, Kesey takes the reader on a tour of post-modern fiction that is at once bizarre and completely familiar. Here you’ll meet a man named Martin who thinks he’s a guitar string, honeymooners who are threatened by llamas, a homeless couple who initially thrive during a garbage strike, and two girls who build a castle — complete with crenellated parapets — out of the ingredients at a Pizza Hut salad bar.

Each story is out of the ordinary, and yet we can always point to the page and say, “That could be me,” or “Dude, he totally snagged my neighbor on that one — you know, the secretly-gay anesthesiologist who’s totally in love with the obstetrician, the one who’s completely stuck on himself?” Yes, that guy is here, along with dozens of other offbeat oddballs who, let’s face it, are really just shredded pieces of you and me.

The full review is here.

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