From the this-is-really-too-stupid-to-repeat-but-someone-has-to department: enraged adult fans in Perth, Australia, complained so stridently when a Harry Potter-themed library event was planned for kids that organizers were ultimately forced to cancel the event. From The Independent:

The City of Perth Library in Australia originally invited “witches, wizards and muggles” aged 12 to 18 to the get-together, in a bid to introduce young people to the new library and its staff.

But it wasn’t long before adults caught wind of the fun and began asking in varying distraught and angry tones why they couldn’t join in, too. “My car is Harry Potter-themed with a Harry Potter license plate!” wrote one disgruntled library member, while others argued that they had “grown up” with the boy wizard and his adventurous Hogwarts pals in the 2000s. Naturally, these big kids were “absolutely devastated.”


In response to enraged comments on the event’s Facebook page, library officials postponed the “Harry Potter Night” they’d had planned

Our original intent for the event was a fun Harry Potter-themed get-together for our Young Adult patrons (ages 12-18) to get to know the new Library and staff.

We want to be able to provide a magical experience for all Library patrons, as such the Harry Potter event has been postponed and we are looking at how we can accommodate many more witches, wizards, muggles and their families.

No new date has been set.

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