Photo by Camille Moirenc

The author Peter Mayle has died. Mayle was best known for his affectionate looks at the South of France. As he said on his web site, “A Year In Provence was published in 1990, with a first printing — considered more than adequate at the time — of three thousand copies. Since then, to my delight and astonishment, I’m told that it has sold six million copies in forty languages. This, inevitably, is a source of great irritation to some people, who will insist, from their vantage points in New York, London or Paris, that I am helping to ruin Provence.”

A Year in Provence was his best known book. Published by Knopf in 1990, Mayle was the author of 15 books, eight of them novels.

According to his publisher, Mayle “died early today at a hospital near his home in the south of France. He died following a brief illness. He was 78.”

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