If you’ve been wondering about what might take the high spots on a list of the top paranormal fantasy novels of recent years you may now rest. The wonderful Paul Goat Allen has tackled the topic for the Barnes and Noble blog, laying to rest any need for the loss of sleep you might previously have had while pondering the question.

“We are in the midst of a glorious Golden Age of paranormal fantasy,” writes Allen. “The last ten years, specifically, in genre fiction have been nothing short of landscape-changing.”

And he’s right, of course. Just look at the contenders: Kim Harrison, Kat Richardson, Charlaine Harris, Charlie Huston and Cherie Priest are just a few of the names you figured might show up… and who do.

As Allen says, his list includes books which “are not only extraordinarily good, but have also dramatically influenced — and continue to influence — the course of the genre.” That list is here.

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