Behavior isn’t an isolated event. All behavior is communication. Dr. James Ball walks the reader through a variety of scenarios that explore why a child may engage in a specific behavior, and help you build your “behavior-investigator” skills to develop a behavior plan that works.

You’ll find:

  • Short, quick-to-read, and easy-to-understand chapters about behavior and behavior change.
  • Stories that illustrate six main functions of behavior.
  • An on-the-spot behavior assessment tool to help you figure out the situation and why it’s getting out of control.
  • A worksheet to create a behavior plan to reduce problematic behaviors.
  • In-the-moment strategies adults can use when problems occur, and longer-term strategies to implement over time.

As the adult, behavior change starts with you. You Can’t Make Me (Future Horizons) applies a whole-person perspective toward behavior management and will help you address the unwanted behavior in the moment, as well as provide strategies to prevent the behavior from recurring again in the future.  ◊

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