Wires Untwisting (Michael Terence) is primarily a book about hope in the world of addictions.

The lives of many have been blighted by untreated addiction, this book explains what addiction is and how to treat it. It explores at all the manifestations of the illness, from alcoholism to gaming and internet addiction, dual diagnosis and more.

The phrase “wires untwisting” refers to the complex and baffling minds of addicts as well as the skewed attitudes that society has about addiction itself.

Author, Sarina Wheatman, who has had many years of experience working with addicts, attempts to unravel some of the twists and turns in this complex mental health illness. She aims for the reader to be left with the knowledge and information that demonstrates that recovery can be achieved with the right kind of intervention and support.

Wires Untwisting presents the reader with a choice to change long-held perceptions about addiction. It is intended to be uncomplicated and easy read, with many surprising facts. ◊

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