The Law of Artificial Intelligence and Smart Machines: Understanding AI and the Legal Impact (American Bar Association) examines the legal implications of artificial intelligence and discusses a wide range of topics including healthcare regulation, data and privacy concerns, cybernetics and bio-robotics, copyright law, cybersecurity issues, and the practice of transactional law.

“Our goal is to enlighten business leaders about the new realities created by AI in this ever-changing digital world. The heavily-regulated healthcare and financial sectors are affected as are new industries not already subject to specific regulation,” says co-author Eric Boughman. “It was an honor to work with such a distinguished group of scholars on this project.”

These topics are game-changers, not just for how work is performed, but for the regulations guiding business today. “I’m proud of the work Eric and our firm have been doing with cutting-edge technologies, like AI and smart machines,” said Gary Forster, Forster Boughman’s managing partner. We look forward to driving these important topics in this digital age.” ◊

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