Non-Fiction: The Arrival of the Electric Car by Chris Johnston and Ed Sobey

The Arrival of the Electric Car

Are you ready to make the switch to electric vehicles? Or, are you still leery of the range and the cost of electrics? Here is a new source that answers your questions and will help you figure out if an electric car should be in your garage.

The Arrival of the Electric Car by Chris Johnston and Ed Sobey works to describe what is different about driving an electric vehicle and why you might love it. It shatters the myths about EVs and gives hard numbers on cost and savings. It is also the one reference that describes every passenger electric vehicle that will be available in the US in 2021. Sedans, SUVs, and pickups are reviewed with data on range, cost, safety, and interior space.

“All signs point to 2021 being a transformational year for EVs. This book is a guide to the fascinating world that’s coming. Read it and be ready,” says Sebastian Blanco, noted automotive journalist.

Part of the allure of electric cars is their pollution-free driving. The Arrival of the Electric Car provides a comparison of driving internal combustion engines to driving electric cars and gives enough history to help you understand where the car market is today.

The book also shows every model of electric car that will be available in 2021 in America. Each model is described and its price is shown along with the vital statistics of driving range, safety, and drive systems. There are also lots of interesting facts. For instance, did you know that electric cars not only don’t need oil changes, they also have greatly reduced wear on their brakes? This is because they use the inertia of the motor to slow down, saving the brakes for thousands of miles.

The Arrival of the Electric Car resulted from collaboration of car guy and engineer, Chris Johnston, and environmental scientist and science educator, Ed Sobey. They blend their backgrounds and interests into a highly readable book that helps usher in the arrival of the electric car. ◊

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