In the United States 61 percent of men and 51 percent of women report exposure to at least one traumatic event. Additionally, 90 percent of clients in behavioral health care have experienced trauma.

Unprocessed trauma can develop into a variety of mental, emotional, and physical problems. This trauma can be pushed under and buried to a point that many don’t readily recognize how it is affecting their lives.

Awaken Your Joy: A Practical Guide To Embrace Fulfillment (P.A.V.E. Press) by Kimber Bowers is a step-by-step guide to help individuals process the pain of the past, embrace the joy of their own worth, and step into a life of fulfillment through value-based identity and living.

The author guides readers to recognize and rise above traumas of the past through inspirational stories and practical, time-tested self-help tools. She has worked with individuals in the field of self-development for over 12 years after struggling most of her life with her own clinical depression, PTSD, and Anxiety, and is now on a mission to support others on their journey.

“I often hear from my clients, ‘I know that I’m supposed to be good enough, but how do I start feeling and living like that is true?’ The answer is by building the evidence to support it and developing the mindset that allows you to fully embrace the joy of being you,” says Bowers. ◊

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