There’s something joyous about First Times (Orca Books) by bestselling author Charles Ghigna (I See Fall, Adeline Porcupine) and award-winning illustrator Lori Joy Smith (The Goodnight Book, Me, Me, Me); something light and festive and fun.

My fist run with a kite
as it climbs to the sky.
My first wish on a star.
My first butterfly.

It captures that moment in childhood when everything is new and fresh.

The first time I sing a new song out loud.
The first time I dance in front of a crowd.

Every activity, every corner, every vista; First Times speaks to everyone who remembers, for instance:

The first time I play a game that I choose.
The first time I finally tie my own shoes.

First Times is a charming and joyous looks at that time in everyone’s life when absolutely everything is new. The book is aimed at people four to eight, but this is certainly one that the family can read and enjoy together. ◊


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