51zRYLo++zL._SX377_BO1,204,203,200_We’re not feeling a review of this one. We will give you facts. You must make up your own mind. Pop Sonnets: Shakespearean Spins on Your Favorite Songs by Erik Didriksen will either grab you. Or it will not.

From the flap material: The Bard meets the Backstreet Boys in Pop Sonnets, a collection of 100 classic pop songs remained as Shakespearean sonnets.

And so on. And it looks like this:


From observation of my gallant gait
and its effect upon the sex so fair,
you see no hope for discourse or debate,
for comely ladies find me debonair.
Though music fills my ears with pleasing sounds
and pleasant women company provide,
I often find myself upon the ground
when Providence again casts me aside.
Thus, I shan’t feel discouraged or abused
if you should find your gaze averted hence;
instead, I’ll think upon the worldly news
and its effect upon us learned gents.
— No matter what it says, we all must strive
to pass each of our days, truly alive.
— The Bee Gees, “Stayin’ Alive”

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