New Today: <i>Political Power Donald Trump: <br>The Graphic Novel</i>

We have yet to see the book so we can’t report if the newly released graphic novel, Political Power Donald Trump: The Graphic Novel (TidalWave) is tongue-in-cheek or not. OK: I’ll confess, we could actually have looked at a copy, but no one had the stomach for it, so this is a matter of reportage only, not opinion, almost on the eve of the inauguration.

TidalWavePPTRUMPGN, who has also produced graphic novel-format biographies of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, among others, reports that the production is not a spoof.

“TidalWave has two mandates for their profiles of political figure,” says author Michael Frizell. “The first is to keep it fair. The second is to consider the audience. Who would read a book about President-elect Trump? Likely his fans would be more apt to pick it up, so presenting a biased point of view would not be appropriate especially since schools are picking these books up too.”

Even so, the promotional material accompanying the book asks, “On the heels of one of the most divisive elections in modern history, will [Trump’s] vaunted ego cause one of the most influential men in America to save a country, or destroy it?”

The 60-page collectible graphic novel is written by Frizell and Jerome Maida, featuring art by Nathan Webb and Amer Moghrabi with cover by famed DC Comics artist Joe Philips.

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