What are the 10 most inspirational books of all time? The Telegraph offers up a list that will surprise you. We won’t take the stuffing out of their piece by running their top ten here, but it doesn’t give much away to tell you that Harper Lee’s 1960 classic To Kill A Mockingbird was voted into the number one spot, handily beating out The Bible.

For me, the other big surprise was finding J.D. Salinger’s 1951 novel Catcher in the Rye on the list. It’s not a book I’d describe as inspirational: at least, not the kind of inspiration that earns it a place on a list like this. However, it is certainly interesting that two books most notable for having been written by authors whose early works brought expectations that were never fulfilled made the list. And it seems possible that both Lee and Salinger suffered from the same nasty malaise: massive early success that led to impossible personal expectations. And the loss is ours.

But I’m getting off topic: The Telegraph’s 10 most inspirational books can be found here.

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