Kyra Sedgwick has been nominated for the award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television and Miniseries for her work on Lifetime’s Story of a Girl, based on the novel by Sara Zarr. From Deadline Hollywood:

…Lifetime’s Story of a Girl tells the story of a teen whose life is changed when a sex tape is released on social media. The TV movie marks Kyra Sedgwick’s directorial debut and even though she has never been part of sex tape scandal, she related to the story. Donning a “Women Support Women” shirt, Sedgwick talked to moderator Dawn Chmielewski about the movie and how it was a launch for her directing career.

“This is so uncomfortably similar to my feelings as a teenage girl,” said Sedgwick. “It’s about the fracturing of this family after what happens with this girl. We meet her three years later on how she is struggling with the slut shaming, how her father can’t look her in the eye and how she is trying to live down this reputation.”

The film also stars Sedgwick’s real-life husband Kevin Bacon. She said he was easy to direct because “it’s not the first time I have told him what to do.”

The full piece is here.

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