Though Jonathan Lethem’s hotly anticipated 11th novel, The Feral Detective, won’t be out until November, film rights have been acquired by Sue Kroll’s Kroll & Co. through her exclusive deal with Warner Bros. Pictures.

The Feral Detective is Lethem’s first detective story since 1999’s Motherless Brooklyn. From Deadline Hollywood:

The Feral Detective follows Phoebe Siegler, a sarcastic and garrulous woman who heads to California to try to find her best friend’s missing teenaged daughter. When a lead brings her to the stark and seedy desert towns just east of Los Angeles, Phoebe is put in contact with Charles Heist, a laconic, strange private eye with an uncanny ability to find those that don’t want to be found, who reluctantly agrees to help. She dubs him The Feral Detective. As the unlikely pair traverse the stunning desert and its enclaves and get closer to the missing girl, their lives are placed in increasing jeopardy.

Kroll tells Deadline, “Jonathan’s writing is never obvious and thrives in the unconventional — often seamlessly blending elements of science, fiction, detective noir, mystery, dark humor and social commentary into something wholly original, funny and imaginative. Also we share a passion for the work of authors such as Phillip K. Dick and Raymond Chandler, and Jonathan follows in their great and unique tradition.”

The full story is here. Meanwhile, Edward Norton and Bruce Willlis are both part of the team currently bringing Motherless Brooklyn to the screen. You can read more about that here.

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