The editors at MacWorld seem reasonably excited about the fact that Amazon has released an application that will let Apple iPhone users read Kindle-formatted books on their mobile phones.

The arrival of’s Kindle for iPhone app certainly raises the profile of Apple’s handheld wonder as an e-book platform. Of the many fine things the iPhone is already — planner, organizer, Internet and e-mail portal, MP3 player… and, oh yeah, a phone — add reading tool to the list.

When one looks at what the success of the iPod has done to the music industry — turned it upside down — I’m a little cautious about this move by Amazon, a company known for not doing much of anything that isn’t both cagey and well thought out.

If, on the other hand, you’re among the millions of iPhone users our there, this will be big news for you, indeed. In that case, MacWorld is certainly the place to get the skinny. They’ve recently run related pieces here and here.

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