Even though Making the Moose Out of Life (Kids Can Press) was published last August, and it has nothing to do with Christmas or holidays, there’s something very … seasonal about it. Is it because the story revolves around a moose and a bear? (Two animals that also have nothing to do with Christmas, but who always seem kind of seasonal, too.) Or maybe because, in this case, the story also seems to have a sort of seasonal rhythm.

Moose lives life on the sidelines. He refuses to take life by the horns. One day, he takes the plunge by embarking on a sailing trip … and ends up stranded on a desert island. Though you’d think the whole island thing would cure him of ever stepping out on his own, it ends up having the opposite effect and by book’s end he’s ready to go cliff-jumping. (Oddly, to the delight of his friends.)

Making the Moose Out of Life is illogical but charming.

One thought on “Holiday Gift Guide: Making the Moose Out of Life Nicholas Oldland”

  1. Oh, this looks like a great book for my 6 year old grand daughter. She will love the seemingly humourous relationship between the animals, and, the 'island experience.' No doubt the whole family will have a chuckle or so, too.

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