Even though selecting a gift book can’t help but be subjective, the editors of January Magazine have combed through the stacks and chosen the books we’d most like to get — and give — in art & culture, children’s books, cookbooks, crime fiction, fiction and non-fiction this holiday season.

As usual, we’ve included links to an online bookseller. This is not necessarily intended to help you purchase. Feel free to print the relevant pages and carry them with you when you visit your favorite independent bookstore to make your purchases. While there, make sure you linger in the stacks to take a taste of prose here, a hit of adventure there. As always, the idea of our holiday gift guide feature isn’t to convince you to buy these books, but rather to help you remember to keep book buying near the top of the your to-do list: not just during the holidays, but all year.

We hope you enjoy this year’s January Magazine holiday gift guide. We’ve certainly worked hard putting it together. But if you take only one thing away from it, our work will be justified: there is no better gift than a book, no matter where it’s purchased or what time of year. Happy reading, through the holidays and always.

Here’s the main Holiday Gift Guide page on January. The various genre pages are here:

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