As November and National Novel Writing Month zoom towards us, author Sam Wiebe makes a case for economy with a push on the art of the short story and #ShortStoryReadingMonth, a initiative he’s made on Twitter. In a Facebook post a few weeks ago, Wiebe stated his case. “Let’s put Novel Writing Month on hold in favour of Short Story Reading Month. Thirty days of studying concise well-crafted short fiction is probably more valuable than spurting a couple thousand words, right?”

While a case could be made in either direction, Wiebe has set down the parameters and a well-crafted reading list.

“Both a craft-focused book club,” writes Wiebe, “and a polite antidote to NaNoWriMo, we’re going to read and discuss two stories a week, both of which are available free online, with a selection of print alternates.”

All of the action takes place on Twitter and the fun begins November 1st with Zadie Smith’s “Now More Than Ever” and Laird Barron’s “Nemesis”.

Additionally, you can find January Magazine’s recent visit with Wiebe here.

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