Need some fantastic reading, and you need it right now? Jon McGregor (Reservoir 13, Even the Dogs) rounds up his “Top 10 contemporary short stories” for The Guardian:


This list, then, is not hierarchical or canonical. My choices are, simply, 10 tales from this century that I have read and that I think do something interesting or startling or just downright swoony with the form of the short story. Clicking on the titles will lead you to the stories themselves, if you haven’t already read them.


As McGregor implies here, this is an esoteric list, as well as a pretty “swoony” one. With stories by Rachel B. Glaser, Kevin Barry, Alejandro Zambra, Hassan Blasim and others, this is a stunning field of instant reads. Just click any one of 10 links and prepare to be transported!

The list is here.

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