Crime Fiction Standouts from 2016

Today brings the seventh and final installment in The Rap Sheet’s “Favorite Crime Fiction of 2016” series—just in time for any last-minute shoppers desperate to purchase books for their mystery-loving loved ones. This year, the blog’s well-read critics chose a total of 33 books, including three non-fiction works of particular interest to crime-fiction enthusiasts.

The seven posts can be found here:

Part I, by Jim Napier
Part II, by Steven Nester
Part III, by Kevin Burton Smith
Part IV, by Stephen Miller
Part V, by Jacques Filippi
Part VI, by Ali Karim
Part VII, by J. Kingston Pierce

If you think The Rap Sheet’s reviewers missed any 2016-released works deserving of attention, please feel free to mention them in the Comments section below.

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  1. The terminology: “dames”, “broads”… (Killer Covers) ha ha I love it, and you are not nearly as old as I am! Your work on this stuff is much appreciated, the Rap Sheet included. If you work too hard, however, and earn a ticket to Heaven before I do, please find a way to get away for a second from singing praises to the Creator all day to let me know if we get weekends off up there.

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