Cornelia FunkeWhen Cornelia Funke’s UK and US editors recently asked her to move the first chapter of The Golden Yarn, her newest work, deeper into the book, Funke put her foot down. She decided to part company with her long-time publisher Little Brown & Company and start her own publishing house. From Publishers Weekly:

The opening chapter describes a dark faerie watching a princess give birth. “It’s about love,” says Funke, from her Beverly Hills home. “And it’s about what love does to you, and it’s about the fruit of love – a baby. The golden yarn is the yarn that binds us to people with love.” Her publishers also objected to the “open ending” of the book and asked Funke to turn it into an epilogue instead. “And I love that ending,” says Funke. After discussing these issues with her agents, Andrew Nurnberg and Oliver Latsch, Funke made the decision to part ways with her publishers and launch her own publishing house for markets in the U.S. and likely the U.K.

In an unusual move, bestselling children’s author and illustrator Cornelia Funke, whose fantasy series Inkheart and Mirrorworld have been globally popular, cites creative differences with her U.S. publisher, and a growing wish to be free of restrictions on her artistic output, as the motivating factors in her decision to start her own press, called Breathing Books. Funke’s partner in this endeavor is Mathew Cullen of Mirada Studios in Los Angeles.

The full story is here. Funke’s (incredibly well executed) web site is here.

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