There was a time in the early 1990s when Canadians could not open a newspaper or turn on a television without hearing about Paul Bernardo, who is now serving a life sentence for the brutal murders of two teenagers in Ontario. After a long period of silence, Canadians had to hear about Bernardo again recently, but this time as an author, not a murderer. Briefly, anyway. Amazon has recently pulled the self published novel. From CityNews:

Screen shot 2015-11-15 at 8.49.17 PMAfter rising to number two on Amazon Canada’s top seller list, it appears Paul Bernardo’s fictional e-book is no longer for sale on the online retailer’s website.

According to the blurb on Amazon, the 631-page “A Mad World Order” involves a plot by a “secret cabal” to return Russia to a world power, ensnaring a man in machinations that involve the Russian Mafia and al-Qaida.

The e-book had been up on the website since June and was selling for $7.77.

As of Saturday afternoon the link to the e-book was no longer available and all mention of it had been pulled from the website.

Global News added that though Bernardo’s authorship of the book has not been confirmed, his lawyer has gone on record as saying he knew his client was writing a book.

And though Bernardo is restricted from profiting from his crimes, Corrections Canada has stated that this book would be outside of that restriction. From GlobalNews:

The Correctional Service of Canada said the book did not relate Bernardo’s “specific” crimes, but it couldn’t explain how it was published as federal inmates have no access to the Internet or email.

And CBC said that, “Word of the e-book provoked an angry reaction, with many customers posting on Amazon that they would no longer do business with the retail site as it was heading into the Christmas shopping season.”

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