The short fiction of Karine Khodikyan can be described as intellectual fiction for women. These short stories with a “mystical touch” tell stories about women – young and old, happy and sad; even when the protagonist is not a woman, the immerses the reader into the life of a woman, revealing her role in anything and everything.

Karine Khodikyan is an acclaimed playwright, screenwriter, fiction writer and journalist. She was the editor of the fiction and poetry division at Garun magazine for more than 12 years, and has been the editor-in-chief of Grakan Tert since 2011. She was the Deputy Minister of Culture and is currently the host of a TV show called Between You and Me on Public Television. Khodikyan’s plays have been staged in Armenia, USA, Russia and Ukraine. She has published two books of plays and a book of short stories and is working on a humorous detective novel. ◊

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