There is little room for debate: the celebration and appreciation of literature must begin early to hold the most meaning and make the largest impact.

You Can Read (Orca Books), written by Helaine Becker and illustrated by Mark Hoffmann, is an on-the-nose introduction to the joys of books and reading, a joyous and lighthearted romp illustrating the transformative power of the reading experience. That’s actually an awful lot of syllables to describe a book with prose such as:

You can read in Tuktoyatuk
Or in the South of France
You can read in your party clothes
Or in your underpants!

Becker is the bestselling author of more than 70 books, including Worms for Breakfast, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree and the Looney Bay All-Stars series. Hoffmann is an award-winning illustrator who is also a professor at Montserrat College of Art in Massachusetts.

You Can Read is joyous, fun and absolutely on-target. The little ones in your life need this book. ◊

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