Noah’s New Puppy (Msi Press) by Richard Rice combines the issues of post battle PTSD with the healing power of service dogs in a way that little children can understand.

Captivating illustrations by the author’s brother, Vincent Rice, help tell the story of a returning veteran who struggles to re-enter family life. The introduction of a puppy into their lives gradually brings the father out of his depression.Both Richard and Vincent are veterans. Richard is also a licensed service dog trainer, living in Germany. Founder of K9s for Veterans Abroad, he is completing his MA in Social Work and plans to continue to combine his talent for dog training with his skills as a therapist to help veterans deal with their trauma.

“Speaking with children about trauma is incredibly difficult for both parents and even for trained therapists such as myself. Noah’s New Puppy allows us to start that conversation while celebrating the unique therapeutic relationship that can form between a dog and their human,” says Yolanda Robinson, part of the recovery team at North Carolina’s CooperRiis Healing Community. ◊

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