Everything you eat has a story. That’s the subtext of Let’s Eat: Sustainable Food for A Hungry Planet (Orca Books) by Kimberley Veness. As Veness writes in her introduction:

Do you ever wonder what your groceries would tell you if they could talk? When I realized that the bananas, avocados and mandarin oranges I loved had traveled across more countries than I ever had, I decided to pay closer attention to where my food came from.

And that’s the core, really, of Let’s Eat: mindfulness. Awareness. Taking a lucid look at what food looks like and where it comes from at a time when, as a culture, we have never been more aware of such things. Farming. Aquaculture. Permaculture. Organic. Pastuerized. Raw. Food grown in urban landscapes. And a lot of other concepts that the parents of children who will read this book mostly did not think about until well until adulthood.

There is a food revolution afoot. It is time to be aware or be left behind. What better time to start this awareness than in childhood? Veness’ debut book tackles this topics in a way that both children and their parents will easily understand. ◊

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