Tamaya and Marshall, walk to and from school together. They aren’t supposed to walk through the woods, but the bully, Chad, is waiting for Marshall. On their walk, they encounter not only Chad, but something completely unexpected that could wipe 61NMkpecIoL._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_out the world. And their community could be first.

I’ve only read three novels by Louis Sachar, including this one. The first was the wonderful Holes, which I believe to be his masterpiece, the book for which he will be remembered.

Fuzzy Mud (Delacorte) is aimed at a younger audience and works very well. It has what I suspect to be the Sachar trademark over-the-top humour along with the serious stuff. It makes a very good introduction to the eco-thriller and gives children something to discuss in class, about the environment, without preaching at them. There’s an over-the-top scientist who is definitely not a bad guy, whatever the results of his experiments.

It’s nice to see a children’s book that isn’t the first of a series! Louis Sachar makes his point, gently but firmly, and then moves on.

Highly recommended for children from about eight upward. ◊

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