Canadian. Literature. Sex.

Hmmm… three words that might not go together under most circumstances.

Canadian. Literature. Sex.

But CanLit is Sexy, a new anonymous microblog, conjures up some silliness in the wake of great changes on the Canadian publishing scene. CanLit is Sexy says they are:

The finest collection of CanLit pickup lines from the authors themselves. A misguided response to the end of McClelland & Stewart as an independent Canadian publishing house.

The idea is funnier than the execution here, but — what the heck — let’s give them an “eh” for effort, right? Let’s face it though, this is never going to have the meme appeal of Ryan Gosling Works in Publishing or Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes, both of which are kinda classics.

You can visit CanLit is Sexy here.

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