Canadian Book Trailer Beats Hollywood at SXSW

A couple of Canadian co-workers were the upset winners of a SXSW Design Excellence Award in Austin, Texas a few days ago. Competing against such heavy hitters as the Stranger Things television show and a trailer for the feature-length Dr. Strange. But Ottawa-based motion designer Chris Moberg and author Jared Young collaborated on a book trailer so ground-breaking it popped them above the competition. From Applied Arts:


So when Chris Moberg, motion designer at Ottawa agency McMillan, found out his colleague had written a book and envisioned a trailer for it, he decided to take it to the next level, turning it into a visually arresting piece that rivals any movie trailer.
Jared Young, a creative director at McMillan, worked on his new book Into the Current for 10 years before publishing it. It tells the story of a young traveller whose plane explodes—and, as he plunges toward his death, time freezes and the traveller revisits the decisions he’s made throughout his life.

The trailer for Into the Current (Gooselane) — the first book trailer to ever be screened at SXSW — can be seen below.

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