Trust Flavorwire to actually come up with the best flavored reading.

The piece is called “15 Amazing Book-Filled Bars Where We’d Like to Drink” and the delivery is stellar. As they point out, what’s better than a book? “A night out with a book. Or, in the case of many of these fine establishments, a whole wall of books. After all, when else will you feel as inspired to pull down a favorite tome and do a dramatic reading than when you’re on your second cocktail?”

The answer is multifaceted. (We were promised 15, after all.) And international. Look for The Laundromat Café in Reykjavik, Iceland (shown at right); Book Bar in Lhasa, Tibet; The Bookstore Bar at The Alexis Hotel in Seattle; Týnská Bar and Books in Prague and what seems like a whole bunch more. The common denominator in all these establishments: literary leanings, gorgeous drinks, elegant decor. What more is required?

The full piece is here.

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