Biography: <i>Cooking Dirty</i> by Jason Sheehan

Today in January Magazine’s biography section, contributing editor Andi Shechter reviews Cooking Dirty by Jason Sheehan. Says Shechter:

In Cooking Dirty author Jason Sheehan has a kick-ass way of expressing himself and explains the why of a cook’s love of food, expresses passion and tells the reader why anyone would do what he did for years; work in exhausting, overheated, nasty kitchens full of egos, burns and yelling and make meals for people. And you get it.

Sheehan hid cooking magazines under his bed the way other adolescent boys hide skin mags. He comes across, often, as an utter mess. A college drop-out, he smokes, drinks, drugs and messes up. He had, it seemed, for most of his life, no idea what to be as an adult. He didn’t own a bed. You read his honest narrative and think “I so do not want this guy to get anywhere near my food.”

The full review is here.

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