Big Thumbs-Up for <i>American Gods</i>  Adaptation

We’ve been waiting a long time for an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s stunning 2001 novel, American Gods. Word is, the mini-series just delivered was worth waiting for. From Deadline Hollywood:

Starz’s cunning adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods may be the most ambitious and successful series the premium cabler has launched since it hit the reset button a few years back.

The eight-episode series executive-produced by Bryan Fuller and Michael Green that debuts April 30 is do-not-miss television lived large on the big-picture topics and themes of our time as old-world deities and new-world manifestations spar and war across the American cultural tundra. Updated to 2017 from the 2001 publication of Gaiman’s cinematic yet seemingly unfilmable book, this Gods soars where the likes of David Cronenberg’s 1991 Naked Lunch adaptation sank, unveiling a challenging and exceptional result.

The full story is here. January Magazine’s interview with Gaiman at the time of the book’s release is here. A review of American Gods is here.

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