Austin-based, eleven-year-old Ayan Malpani, together with his father Ashish, takes middle-grade readers through an intriguing mythological adventure with their debut middle-grade book, The Tenth Son (Tulika Books).Advik, a ten-year-old from the US, comes to India. What is meant to be a quiet visit is about to jolt him. Did he ever imagine that Narada, the messenger of the gods, would pay him a visit in the dead of night to ask for help? Did he know that the truth he is to discover about himself will bring him face to face with the dreaded demon Harkasura and his hordes? What will he choose to do, especially when his grandfather’s life is on the line?”

Find out in this spellbinding mythological adventure that launches Advik and his friends, Riya and Samar, into a world of asuras, astras and mantra, complex riddles and death-defying fights, to stand up to the biggest bully in the three worlds.

Tulika’s imaginatively created children’s books pioneered a fresh wave in Indian publishing in 1996. An independent publishing house based in Chennai, Tulika’s focus is on picture books for children in English and other Indian languages – Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali – so that more children can access books in the language of their choice. ◊

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