Authors on SnacksBecause we know you need all kinds on input to make a book. Among the necessary ingredients? Fuel of various kinds.

This time out we chat with debut author Roz Nay. Her Our Little Secret was published in Canada by Simon & Schuster Canada June 2016. St. Martin’s Press will publish a US edition March 2018.


What do you snack on while writing?
I drink cold cans of Coke, which is terrible behavior. I know that if I left my tooth in a Coke overnight it wouldn’t be there in the morning – that and other terrifying facts my mother told me – but still I persist. I could tell you I drink cold glasses of water but it isn’t true. And I don’t drink coffee because I’m not actually an adult yet.

Do you consider your snacking to be mostly under control or mostly out of control?
Oh, wildly out of control. I recently clawed one day a week back from work to try and hit a September writing deadline for book two. I find that if I manage 1,000 words that day, I’ll have eaten at least double that in calories by two in the afternoon. I drift to the kitchen repeatedly, just because I don’t like the sentence I’m in, and to make sure nothing’s appeared in the fridge that wasn’t there when I checked five minutes ago. I can’t sit still for very long. It’s a bit of a problem.


Tell us briefly about Our Little Secret
Our Little Secret is a psychological thriller about a missing woman, a love triangle and the lies we tell each other and ourselves. It’s set mostly within the confines of a police interview room, where the main character, Angela, is being interviewed in connection with a twisted crime. But is she actually involved, or is she just a victim in someone else’s revenge scheme? ◊

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