Authors on SnacksBecause we know a great deal is required to make a book. Among the necessary ingredients? Different types of fuel.

This time out we chat with award-winning author, playwright and filmmaker, Mark Leiren-Young. His most recent book, The Killer Whale Who Changed the World, won the Science Writers and Communicators Book Award.

What do you snack on while writing?
On deadline I pretty much run diet cola into my body on an IV drip. And I’m usually on deadline… Yeah, I know, it’s terrible for me, but I make my deadlines, so…

My go-to food snack at the moment is probably humus — favorite things to dip in humus at the moment: plantain chips or these cool dried out snap peas with the Caesar spicing.

A Coney Burger at the Dog N Suds in Williams Lake.

Do you consider your snacking to be mostly under control or mostly out of control?
Out of control was when the addictions were non-diet cola and pizza. I think I’m doing okay right now since I can and do switch to less toxic beverages when I’m not on deadline.

Latest book:
The Killer Whale Who Changed the World (Greystone).

Tell us about the book briefly.
It’s a real-life science fiction story about first contact with an alien species and how that transformed our world.

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