Da Vinci Visits Today

History repeats itself. Nothing could be the case more than much of the artist Leonardo Da Vinci’s ideas, thinking, and lessons. In Da Vinci Visits Today, Al Lautenslager explores what might happened if Da Vinci arrived in today’s world.

There are clearly two stories in Da Vinci Visits Today. One is about the life and works of Leonardo, serving as a base for current observations. The other is of his views of today, stepping into current times for the first time.

The conceit here is that, even more than 500 years after his death, we have a lot to learn from Leonardo.  He was an indisputed genius. He was a painter, an architect, an engineer, a theatrical producer. He was also gay, illegitimate, and a popular cultural icon in Renaissance-era Italy.

Author Al Lautenslager traveled to Italy to “see Leonardo da Vinci in full view,” in his own country, and says he has patterned many parts of his own life and teachings after da Vinci. He has lived a life like da Vinci as an engineer and writer, with interests and skills in many disciplines. Lautenslager’s pursuit of art history comes from the research for this book and the many da Vinci books in his collection.

Da Vinci Visits Today is an interesting study. Not every moment soars, but it’s certainly interesting to muse on what the great man would have thought of all of this. ◊

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