Global games giant Asmodee Entertainment has announced that their new fiction imprint, Aconyte, has entered into a distribution agreement with Simon & Schuster for the US and Canadian book trades. The well-known publishing house will handle sales and distribution throughout North America starting with Aconyte’s very first releases, due on shelves in late spring 2020.“We are delighted to welcome Aconyte Books to our family as distribution clients,” says Michael Perlman, Vice President, General Manager, Simon & Schuster Distribution Services. “We look forward to helping their publishing program grow.”

“We’re very pleased with this new partnership,” says Aconyte’s publisher Marc Gascoigne. “Aconyte’s primary mission is to create spectacular thrillers and fantasy novels based around the most deeply realized of our game worlds – Arkham Horror, Legend of the Five Rings, Pandemic, Descent and Catan, to name just a few. With their impressive track record handling tie-in books based on world-famous properties, Simon & Schuster are the ideal partners to help launch our novels into the North American book trade.”

Aconyte was announced in April 2019 and their first books will be published in late spring 2020. The imprint’s mission is to adapt the deepest, most imaginative of Asmodee’s game worlds into novels. Based in Nottingham, UK, they also have staff in several US locations. They are a part of Asmodee’s Entertainment platform, a division of the global games publisher and distributor expressly working to take the group’s best intellectual properties into new formats.

Meanwhile, writers of tie-in fiction take note: Aconyte is actively looking for seasoned contributors for their type of fiction. You can read more about what they’re looking for here. ◊

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