Holiday Gift Guide 2017

There are a hundred thousand interests and there are millions of books, but here are a handful that might make those you love realize just how much you care.

Gift Guide
Christmas 2017
Holiday Gift Guide
Even in this electronic age, nothing says “I’m thinking about you” quite like a book. Every interest. Every income. Every sensibility. All can be served by a carefully chosen book. More: they are beautiful and — yes — at a time when almost anything can fit on a smartphone, there is something steeply luxurious about saying “I love you” in print.

There are a hundred thousand interests and there are millions of books, but here are a handful that might make those you love realize just how much you care.
The Selfie

How Our Self-Images Are Changing Our Notions of

Privacy, Sex, Consent, and Culture

(Skyhorse) by Alicia Eler

At a time when we are just beginning to look at the long-term implications of social media and things adjacent, journalist Alicia Eler examines of every aspect of the selfie. Is the selfie a symptom of a self-absorbed generation, or are they part of something so much larger?
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Crime Fiction
The Best
Stories 2017
edited by John Sandford and Otto Penzler
Not much needs to be said about this one. These are 20 of the best mystery stories published in the last years, chosen by a couple of guys who know. The included stories include entries from C.J. Box, Jeffery Deaver, Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Straub and a bunch more. ‘Nuff said. Run, don’t walk.
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Art & Culture
What is the
of Life?
(Andrews McMeel)
by Don Hermann
This is one of those amusing little books that make an ideal gift for readers who don’t read. The photo makes it look like a regular book. It’s not: it’s crazy tiny and filled with only the most salient words. “92 ways to spice up conversation, deepen your self-knowledge, or simply pass the time!” There are no answers here. Only questions intended to deep your self-knowledge.
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And Breathe
The Complete Guide to Conscious Breathing for Health and Happiness

(DaCapo LifeLong)
by Rebecca Dennis
What’s that? You figure you know how to breathe? Well, it’s possible you’re wrong. Breath coach and workshop leader Rebecca Dennis takes readers on a transformational journey that can include managing depression with the power of your own breath.
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Books for Children
Everything You
Need to Know
and How to
Defeat Them
(Delacorte) by Jason Segal and Kirsten Miller
Yes that Jason Segal, so you already figure it’s going to be funny… and interesting. Right both counts. This is charming, funny, edgy… and a terrific gift. The book is aimed at kids eight to 12, but it’s on-target enough that I imagine the audience for this book is much larger than that.
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Books for Children
New Year:
A Celebration
for Everyone

by Jen Sookfong Lee
What comes after Christmas? New Years! What comes after that? Chinese New Year! So what time is better than now to get ready for that? Jen Sookfong Lee is one of Canada’s ranking authors of literary fiction. This is a great explanation of an important Chinese festival that it is very easy for all to enjoy.
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PS: from Paris
(Amazon Crossing)
by Marc Levy
Put “P.S.” in the title and it’s always a charming book. It holds true in this case, anyway. Add in the fact that it’s Marc Levy (who wrote the book that would be made into the film called Just Like Heaven starring Reese Witherspoon and it’s a love story set in Paris and you can get a feeling for the way this ship will sail. Love a sappy movie? Then you won’t hate this book.
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