Harley-Davidson Collectibles
by Michael Dregni
Photographs by Nick Cedar
Published by Town Square Books
1998, 160 pages
ISBN 0896583678

Harley-Davidson Collectibles is aimed at two types of readers: owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles... and everybody else. Beautifully produced, organized and photographed, Harley-Davidson Collectibles is not as much about motorcycles as it is about the cool stuff that has been produced to celebrate this American classic. The predictable jackets and jerseys and belt buckles, of course. But also collectibles of a more esoteric nature: Harley-Davidson air drying enamel, anyone? Motor oil? Even spare parts from the 1940s to the 1970s are collectible in the right hands. Harley-Davidson Collectibles does more than catalog these items: it celebrates them in a way that is likely to make this book collectible in itself.

Sex, Stupidity and Greed: Inside the American Movie Industry
by Ian Grey
Published by Juno Books
235 pages, 1998
ISBN 0-9651042-7-3

Occasionally we all encounter a non-fiction book that makes that which we thought we understood so much clearer. A book that makes us say, "Ah. Now it all makes sense." Sex, Stupidity and Greed is just such a book. It illuminates the idiocy running rampant in the contemporary American film industry and helps us understand why -- too often -- schlock gets screenings and great films get ignored. It does this and a lot more and it does it with humor and unusual insight. If you have even a minor interest in the film industry this is not a book to miss.

Soda Pop: From Miracle Medicine to Pop Culture
by Gyvel Young-Witzel and Michael Karl Witzel
Published by Raincoast Books
1998, 160 pages
ISBN 1-55192-139-1

Books like this are almost the most fun to give and get: filled with stuff you don't really need to know, but stuff that's fun to add to your overfilled brain, just the same. Soda Pop: From Miracle Medicine to Pop Culture covers the history of same with spirited text and wonderful illustrations. A great deal of work has gone into putting this collection together. And it is a collection. Advertising art and archival photos, antique bottles and fascinating pop facts, Soda Pop covers it all with spirit and style.