A Year of Spicy Sex: 52 Recipes to Heat Up Your Sex Life

by Gabrielle Morrissey

Published by PGC

304 pages, 2006

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Heartburn and Other Hang-Ups

Reviewed by Cherie Thiessen


My apologies for the length of time it has taken to review this book. But you have to realize there are 52 recipes tucked between these licentious covers and they all have to be tried in order to give an honest evaluation of their worth. My hunk and I are not 30 anymore; we sacrificed quantity for quality some years back.

"That's just once a week. We can do this," my partner volunteered, upon opening the pages and skimming avidly. "But can we test the Deep South recipe on page 145 first?"

Did we have the ingredients for this dish, I wondered? It called for a blindfold, massage oil, a feather, flavored oral sex drops and nail polish. If we substituted chocolate body paint for the fourth ingredient, the testing could begin.

And why not? After all, there really is no reason to start at the beginning chapter, logically labeled Basics. The subsequent five chapters are called: Nibbles, Hot, Sizzling, Quick & Easy, Sweet and Gourmet. Each dish is further broken down into its ingredients, the preparation necessary, the extra spice you can add if you need more "kick," and finally, some recommended pre-cooking tips.

Australia is not a country of prudes, and sexology is not a modest profession, so it's safe to assume that its foremost sexologist, Dr. Gabrielle Morrissey, is not going to mince words or be obscure in her efforts to create a candid and frequently startling recipe book for the boudoir, or perhaps the kitchen table She doesn't -- pussyfoot around, that is. Why use a longer word when a four letter one will do? Graphically describing every suggested treat in her table of contents, she instructs, encourages and suggests with seductive flair. It's enough to tempt even the most reluctant gourmet out of the closet.

Now living in Vancouver, British Columbia, the author has penned two other popular guides: Sex in the Time of Generation X and Urge. A sex consultant, sexuality educator and sex researcher, she is well known to the media and, I suspect, they love her. A look at her Web site will explain. She's hot.

And no, there are no pictures in this recipe book, probably a good idea. Don't you find that pictures can be discouraging, as you look at those lithe, athletic bodies and wonder if you will be able to get your limbs straightened out?

Morrissey writes engagingly with lighthearted banter, good spirit and élan. Under her tutelage, you might even find yourself ready to try page 138. (Hanky spanky: the union of pleasure and pain.)

I know this review is short but I'm very tired. The long, hot winter stretched into a pretty spicy spring.
| June 2007


Cherie Thiessen has been a scriptwriter, playwright, creative writing instructor and -- for the past 10 years -- a travel writer and book reviewer. She was the review columnist for Focus on Women Magazine for eight years and has also written numerous reviews for magazines including Monday Magazine, Pacific Yachting, Cottage Magazine, The Driftwood News, Linnear Reflections and Douglas College's Event Magazine.