Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cookbooks: The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever by Beatrice Ojakangas

“Casseroles are making a comeback,” writes Beatrice Ojakangas in her introduction to The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever (Chronicle Books). And no wonder: the casserole can be like nature’s perfect food. Perfect for busy lifestyles and budget conscious chefs, casseroles are about as 2008 as can be imagined.

Unfortunately, the author completely misses the mark on the history of the casserole and its ancient origins. However, most readers probably won’t mind this as The Best Casserole Cookbook Ever includes over 500 recipes for just about any type of casserole imaginable, as well as a few that are definitely not considered casseroles at all, but are nice to see included in any case.

Those looking for a way to use holiday leftovers will find inspiration here: recipes for Turkey and Curried Rice Casserole, Turkey and Mushroom Casserole, Turkey and Wild Rice au Gratin, Turkey Breast Mole and others are all waiting here to help turn your post-holiday frown upside down. More importantly, following some of the author’s advice for the making ahead and freezing of casseroles could be life-changing for would-be home chefs who seldom find themselves with enough time or energy to cook.

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