Thursday, April 24, 2008

And Then There Was the Time We Ran Out of Toothpaste…

Topping the list of book deals you shouldn’t ought to care about, 15-year-old country popper and famous daughter Mylie Cyrus has inked a deal to write something that sounds very like a memoir. According to The SF Gate:
The “Hannah Montana” star has reportedly signed a seven-figure deal with the Disney Book Group, and will write all about her upbringing in Tennessee and her rise to international stardom.
Collecting the recollections of your lifetime in book form when you’re 15 is just sad. In the first place, well… who cares? And in the second, at 15, even if you’ve done a lot -- really -- what have you done? And, worse, what do you follow it up with? At 21, are you completely washed up and looking over your shoulder at your bat mitzvah going, “Now those were the days!”

Literature might hit even higher heights next year: Amy Winehouse, the performer ANI is calling a “rehab singer,” has reportedly been offered close to two million dollars to talk about her marriage with “imprisoned husband” Blake Fielder-Civil. According to The Boston Herald, Winehouse “is still in talks with Penguin Publishers while Blake, 26, who is incarcerated with little else to do, has already agreed.” (Of course, he’s also reportedly selling topless photos of his bride to support his drug habit, so maybe he does have something else to do, after all.)



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