Monday, March 17, 2008

New This Week: Green Chic by Christie Matheson

The shift was so subtle, for many of us, it happened right in front of our eyes while we weren’t looking.

It seems like, one day, saving the planet was like guerilla war-fare. Not only were people chaining themselves to trees, throwing paint on fur-wearers, and protesting all manner of protestable things, they were looking distinctly frumpy while doing it.

Then, almost overnight, green became the new black and a new breed of advocate picked up the banner. They were different because not only were they determined to save the world, they were convinced you could look good doing it.

Enter fashion writer Christie Matheson, author of Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style (Sourcebooks). Matheson wants us to “embrace the fabulousness of green living. And it is fabulous. Being green can help you look gorgeous, have a killer wardrobe, feel amazing, travel in style, create a home that’s an oasis, host fun parties, eat incredible food, and drink phenomenal wine, all while feeling more connected with your friends, family, and nature.”

Nor is any of this nearly as stupid as it sounds. I mean, it could have been. It really, really could. Matheson is, however, a talented and accomplished writer and it’s clear she really cares about her topic and has walked this particular walk. So it’s a good book. Despite the fact (or, perhaps, for some reason because of the fact) that she insists on saying things like “None of the designer cakes, martinis, or Italian sheets are even remotely as chic -- and I mean really, truly, deeply, timelessly, Jackie-O-and-Audrey-Hepburn chic -- as living green.”

Most of the book offers up fetchingly stated green living alternatives. (“Fetchingly stated” because, I assure you, this writer does not do things without style. Ev-ah. But you guessed that already.) She deals with all aspects of green living in the real world. Long story short: follow Matheson’s path, heed her advice and you will decrease your footprint. And, needless to say, you’ll look fabulous doing it.



Blogger ~Pamela said...

I loved, loved this book! It really shows how easy and practical it is to living green. I am quite a sucker for books about green living, and this just hit the spot. I highly recommend it, and she also tells how even little things can impact change.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 7:14:00 AM PDT  

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