Friday, November 23, 2007

A Dangerous Year for Authors

On The Guardian’s books blog, the incomparable Sarah Weinman looks back at what was a dangerous year for authors. More to the point, she wonders how long we’ll care:
No doubt people say this every year, but I can’t remember a 12-month period in which America has lost so many of its best-known writers. Potboiler king Sidney Sheldon crossed over to the other side of midnight on January 30. The world mourned the loss of Kurt Vonnegut and his unique brand of satire on April 11. Lloyd Alexander, author of the marvellous Chronicles of Prydain books, passed away on May 17, while New Jersey native Marc Behm died in his adopted home of France on July 12. September 16 saw the passing of Robert Jordan, the bestselling author of fantasy epic Wheel of Time, which will remain in suspended animation at volume 11 unless someone else decides to finish it up. And earlier this month, Norman Mailer and Ira Levin died within two days of each other.

The full piece is well thought out, deeply entertaining and just a touch sad. And it’s here.



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