Sunday, November 18, 2007

But Did They Have to Give It Such a Stupid Name?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will unveil the company’s new e-book reader tomorrow. Kindle will be introduced at a media event in New York on Monday. No: you read that right. Kindle. That’s gotta be a dealbreaker, right?

“Hey mom: pass me my Kindle.”

I don’t think so.

CNET says that “the device will retail for $399 and receive automatic downloads from major newspapers, magazines and other publications. The source also said that Kindle features e-mail.” Hey, cool! Amazon has invented to the laptop.

More from CNET:
Amazon is banking a lot on the e-reader. The retailer held up the release for more than a year in an attempt to deliver a superior product than predecessors, a source told CNET Previous attempts to convince the public to switch to digital books have largely failed.
Seriously: you want success? Think of a better name than “Kindle.” Sheesh.

More on this as the story develops. Unless it doesn’t seem worth repeating.



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