Thursday, October 11, 2007

Doris Lessing Awarded Nobel

Doris Lessing has been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. According to the Quill & Quire blog, Lessing is “only the 11th woman in the prize’s 106-year history” to be awarded this honor.

The New York Times does a great job of summarizing the 87-year-old writer’s amazing life thus far, while The Bookseller does an equally great job in giving it to us in tiny but important bites:
Lessing’s most famous novels include her début The Grass Is Singing (1950), The Golden Notebook (1962), The Good Terrorist (1985) and Under My Skin (1994). She was born in Persia (now Iran) to British parents in 1919; she grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe); went to school in Salisbury; and moved to London in 1949, where she still lives.
Ed Champion wraps it all up even tighter (“A nice choice.”) with a collection of really terrific links, while asking, “Is Doris Lessing the first Nobel laureate with a MySpace page?” where Lessing herself asks, “Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”



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